12th International Orthodontic Symposium in Prague November 27th - November 30th, 2014

Early Orthodontic Treatment – Surgery First?

Radlanski Dear Colleagues!

Orthodontics as our discipline is developing fast and well established treatment concepts are being questioned as well as developed further to the benefit of our patients. We are grateful and proud that we, with the series of »International Orthodontic Symposia« (IOS) can provide a platform to speakers and participants to accompany and to discuss this progress for more than a decade now.

Continuously, 150 – 250 participants from around 30 nations use to come together during the first advent-weekend to share the knowledge with internationally renowned speakers.

This time, we invite you to attend the »12th International Orthodontic Symposium« in Prague November 27th – 29th, 2014. For this outstanding event we are happy to announce lectures given by speakers who represent the two main topics "Early Orthodontic Treatment", and "Surgery First" as experts worldwide.

The pre-congress course will be given by Dr. med Karin Habersack, Weilheim/Germany and Prof. Asbjørn Hasund, Kristiansand/Norway. She will also give the "Tiziano-Baccetti- Memorial-Lecture" on the first day of the meeting.

It is the custom of this congress series that the presentations may last between 30 – 90 min, followed by an extensive discussion to address all open questions thoroughly. This way, a rather familiar atmosphere has been created among the participants. I invite you again to come to Prague to listen and discuss with the top representatives of our discipline, and to meet in a familiar, relaxing atmosphere.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ralf J. Radlanski, Berlin

E-mail: ralfj.radlanski@charite.de